I’m still here :)

Well.. at one time I had a very beautifully designed custom wordpress template for my personal site.. but, as it wasn’t my priority it somehow got lost amongst my many server changes, computer changes, and so on… Ah well, the only bright side to it all is that I hardly once ever posted anything at all anyway :)  I’m not really one to often share what it is I’m up to so in a way I’m a bit removed from all this social networking.  I hardly use facebook and I use twitter as more of an RSS feed to stay up to date with those that are developing products or in fields of interest to me where I want to stay on the cutting edge of announcements, releases, and the sorts.

Perhaps I should begin to contribute a bit more though.. I mean, a personal website should perhaps be a bit more than a placeholder, especially when you’re involved in so many ongoing projects.. or should I?  I mean, who really cares what I’m doing anyway.  Even now, I’m writing this post simply so my site isn’t blank.  haha :)

Just as a last word, I’m throwing up a very minimalist template at the moment.. maybe I’ll be back to share more.. maybe I won’t..  maybe I’ll let you know some stuff I’m up to, but maybe I won’t.  The only thing for sure is I won’t share everything, that for which you are probably thankful anyway.. Till next time..

10. January 2012 by Peter Armenti
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